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Ola Coker Foundation (OCF) is inspired by the need to reach out to the underserved and underprivileged in the society with the primary aim of improving the living standards of children by providing them the basic educational materials and other household necessities.


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About Us

Ola Coker Foundation (OCF) is inspired by the need to reach out to the underserved and underprivileged in the society. OCF initially started as an outreach known as the Better Child project, a no less corporate social responsibility (CSR) undertaking by Ola Coker Creations – a fledgling photography outfit based in Lagos.

Starting in the year 2019, the first outreach of the project impacted about 600 indigent students in Obalende, Campos, Binuyo and Idumagbo areas of Lagos by providing them school items and sponsoring the extraordinary bright students throughout their secondary school education.

In line with the visions of creating a world safe for all children of the world, the Better Child Project’s train also berthed at Bariga, Ajegunle, Ojota, Fadeyi and Makoko respectively.

Between the periods 2021 to 2023, our outreaches have become a monthly ritual wherein a total of 2,000 students in different areas across Lagos State have received regularly school items, part scholarship and provision of basic amenities under the Keep Moving Forward with Better Child Project.

As an entity, the need to expand the scope of our operations for the greatest good of the greatest number was regarded topmost as the project enters its 4th year. Hence, the Better Child Projects and its allied projects metamorphosed into the Ola Coker Foundation. This will give room to expand the scope of our operations geared towards our focus: the need to effect positive impacts in the society.







Our Aims

The primary goal is targeted at improving the living standards of children providing them the basic educational materials and other household necessities. In addition, we also help them maximize their God given potentials through mentoring and counseling sessions, a mindful approach that helps them to attain social and mental balance accordingly. We also facilitate healthcare delivery and empowerment for men and women in low-income communities.

Our Objectives

The organization through its various initiatives seek to provide its beneficiaries, a new lease of life. The Ola Coker Foundation exists to:

1. Serve as a contributory factor for the growth and well-being of children from impoverished backgrounds through sustainable educational outreaches.

2. Partnering with clinics and stakeholders within the health sector to organize health campaign outreaches for all ages.

3. Ensure that indigent children are afforded quality education, we offer grants, scholarships and other means of relief.

4. Provide healthy foodstuffs to every households who live below the poverty line.

About The Founder

Olajuwon Coker is the founder of Ola Coker Foundation (O.C.F), a fledgling Non-Governmental Organization based in Lagos, Nigeria. O.C.F is duly committed towards the upliftment of humanity and a greater cause of creating a lasting experience in the hearts of underserved by raising the standards of living through numerous outreach programmes and interventions.

For nearly a decade, Ola Coker, driven by a burning heart to serve without reservation, has continuously dedicated his time and resources to helping people live out the true meanings of their purpose by engaging, intervening and impacting in their lives. He is a professional photographer who uses visual storytelling to channel the innermost conviction of people’s experience.

Our Vision

A growing concern, global poverty index rating places the ‘Giant of Africa’ in the category of the most impoverished in the world. This global rating is indicative of widespread poor access to good education, poor access to portable water, poor access to nutritious diet and an increasingly disturbing children labour,mortality and a nagging below-the-linehealthcare accessibility.

This complex whole of socio-economic decimator is a common feature of many low developing countries (LDCs) of the world; and widens the social stratification of economic classes which gives rise to awkward economic development.

Ola Coker Foundation’s interventions is pivoted by the Social Development Goals (SDGs) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 17 and 13 which priority focused on children under Better Child Project scheme.

Our Mission

We are devoted to the idea that everyone, no matter how resilient and dignified they may be, has the right to health, food, power, and economic mobility.